Roadmaps are ideal for converting strategy into planning. It aligns EA management with Portfolio office work.

IRM – Investment Roadmaps

Initiative Roadmaps, integral to Enterprise Architecture, guide the proactive management of portfolios by evaluating investments for impact and value before approval. Enterprise architects lead this assessment, starting from ideas that transition into initiatives through a structured process.


The Initiative Roadmap Process offers a structured overview aligned with strategic objectives, supported by predefined roadmap views, a hallmark of Next-Insight, the leading choice for Enterprise Architecture Management.


Investment Roadmaps, a proactive approach to current and future deliveries within the investment portfolio, align with strategic goals. Key objectives include converting strategic goals into roadmaps, providing a realistic view of sequencing, and focusing on outcomes before evaluating business cases and costs. Next-Insight facilitates this process with out-of-the-box configuration, enabling enterprise architects to stay outcome-focused and aligned with the vision and strategic ambition.


Roadmaps, structured around architectural artefacts such as strategic goals, development teams, and product areas, map targeted outcomes against an indicative timeline. Next-Insight allows for direct drilling into the architecture, streamlining the process for enterprise architects. These roadmaps serve as visual representations, providing a comprehensive overview for organizational alignment. Unlike Gantt charts focused on project timelines, Investment Roadmaps address outcomes and strategic goals, viewing items as plateaus representing organizational modernization or transformation. Over the past decade, roadmaps have become the Rosetta stone for converging strategic objectives into overall planning, emphasizing dependencies, value contributions, and a big-picture perspective. For higher capability levels, maintaining digital roadmaps is feasible.


Next-Insight, as the #1 innovative EA Management portal, accelerates digital roadmaps. Leverage low-code technology to propel Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture forward. It stands as a premier choice, offering a comprehensive tool for visualizing and analyzing value roadmaps, capabilities, and investment views, wit easy drill-down to the impact by e.g. processes or applications..

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