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Next-Insight is a subscription based solution that offers flexibility and easier implementation. We help you manage files, audit functions, SSO and email services.

Data governance

Next-Insight has a built-in section for processes and applications that focuses on the governance and policies in place to secure and expose any issues that might arise. With a single click you can download Article 30, showing the FSA that you are compliant.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Next-Insight has an interface, which is userfriendly and customizable to your need. It contains overviews of your resource costs, project portfolios, business processes and application catalogue.


Digitalize your processes

Next-Insight focuses on making you and your colleagues processes more effective. Whether it is status reports on a project, role-based editing or ressource allocation governance, Next-Insight has it.



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Cloud based solution

Next-Insight is a cloud based solution that is hosted by Microsoft Azure, which is adhering to multiple security recommendations such as ISO 27001, ISO 27018, and ENS. We make sure that you can access your data from the web and through SSO.