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Kickstart your journey through a smarter out-of-the-box solution that is flexible and outcome-driven.

Unified information management


Real-time decision support

Automated & digitalized

Active Knowledge-sharing

Democratized data-entry

No more PowerPoints & Excel

Acceleration of digital way of working

Do you need a holistic view of your company?

With Next-Insight we can help you get a single source of truth. The platform offers SSO and role-based pages that creates easy access that encourages usage.

Do you have an overview of your portfolio?

The platform offers an easy overview of your projects, their related resources and costs. With the platform you can easilyhelp you govern and oversee your investments.

Are your processes governed as they should?

With Next-Insight you will have updated information on who has which responsibilities. With specific metrics in place, you will be able to see where governance is missing.

Lack a comprehensive and understandable GRC framework?

Next-Insight can showcase and make you aware when there are rules, assessments and processes not being followed. Among others, the platform has a build-in questionnaire that is based on your metrics and calculate scores based on the answers.
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Next-Insight offers an integrated solution that helps you coordinate, manage and track key activities within governance, risk and compliance. We have a strong focus on breaking down organizational silos and creating a holistic and collaborative solution that enables higher efficiency in managing risk and compliance.

With Next-Insight you will be able to improve your business processes excellence. Capture the business architecture and process architecture to analyse your business, your business impact to improve your business processes. We provide BPMN on the web – no need for heavy clients to improve your process descriptions.

We offer architecture management as a single point-of-truth to automate your business applications and IT Landscape governance. The platforms offers leading-edge technology to provide applications consolidation, risk and GDPR assessments to manage your target IT Landscape including integrations and compliance. With Next-Insight you remove your legacy systems and improve your business agility offering roadmaps and optimisation.

If you have a need for simpler control with your development and projects, Next-Insight is for you! The platform provides online overview to reporting, progress, consumption and planning of resources. The platform provides dashboards that ensures digital reporting and progress of your development (projects, agile, release trains) across teams.

If you have a need for moving to service continuity and improved resilience, you should adapt Next-Insight! With a strong foot-print on business architecture and process management, you will be able quickly to establish the business impact analysis as an ongoing process. With priorities set by the BIA, you can provide overview to contingency plans, contingency acceptance tests and help with improvement of the risk management. The platform provides dashboards that ensures digital progress  reporting and progress of your exercising.