APM – Applications Portfolio Management

Next-Insight support Applications Portfolio Management (APM) out-of-the box; this makes a rapid deployment to your organisation. Unlike the typical modelling tools, Next-Insight offers a ready-made metamodel that exists on day 1, and it allows updates and changes to the configuration purely on the web. It accelerates the onboarding of application responsibles to assist in information updates. As one of the key EA Deliverables within application architecture and the enterprise architecture, the Application Portfolio Management (APM) process is important to manage a living knowledge base of application estate for current and future planning.  It is a rapid outcome to leverage on the pre-configured industry-leading solution to applications portfolio management. This is by far the most end-user centric solution with a modern web-enabled application catalogue to allow democratisation and updates from within all of your organisation.

With Next-Insight you can start with simple or low maturity, but you can quickly obtain value by the out-of-the-box solution that enables anyone to in your organisation to take benefit from the knowledge database and help your colleagues to located detailed information about applications, integrations and linkage to their subject matter experts. Next-Insight is your leading choice for a modern SaaS offering with low-code engine and always upgraded; it supports continuous change to always stay upgraded; thanks to modern low-code.

What if you don’t have a practice or catalogue today? Then our modern SaaS offering is simply what you need. It offers cutting-edge technology, the best according Gartner and Forrester, and it allows you quickly to to be onboarded with simple-to-use out-of-the-box drag-and-drop features in a modern SaaS subscription. All data can initially be uploaded form excel, and it is always easy to export data back to excel. You no longer have to think about the risk of onboarding and leaving the service, the data is yours.

Next-Insight offers click-to-configure changes to enable:

  • An out-of-the-box solution on responsive web design
  • An online list for view, editing and global search to any application
  • Online properties that can be used for collaboration and editing by anyone in your organisation.
  • No need to configure or discuss metamodels and views; it is all already provided to you. It is already available for onboarding, online sharing and editing
  • The APM process represents the ongoing efforts and tasks to keep the application catalogue up to date. This may at first hand seem like a large task, however, the trick is to rely on modern technology like Next-Insight that has digitalised this process to help the enterprise architecture function quickly with rich options for various governance structures.

With modern APM you provide rapid value to your organisation, such as

  • A full transparency into what is an application? how many do we have? what do they do? and which support does of each business function?
  • For each application, capture of details as to categorise and understand vendor and supplier dependencies.
  • Capture dependencies to Business Capability Models (CBM), business processes and integrated systems
  • Capture lifecycle information and other details such as a measure of complexity, criticality, and cost metrics.
  • Assess the application lifecycle management (ALM)
  • First roadmaps for modernisation to provide proactive response to maintenance, consolidation, cost-take-out and innovations.

There is no other tool that offers such a modern web solution out-of-the-box for immediate consumption and adoption to manage all of your applications. With Next-Insight, you can get far for less. Next-Insight offers modern web-based approach to delegate and manage all of your applications portfolio. Applications can be mapped to teams, people and organisation, and equally to all of your business architecture or be related by roadmaps, part of an initiative. There is not need to manage your applications catalogue in legacy tools; with a modern web application you can get further for less. This is where Next-Insight can make the difference. Both CBM and APM exist out of the box. Ready for immediate results. The Next-Insight is composed on modern design. The Next-Insight ensures a rapid response to strong data governance and democratisation.

With Next-Insight you will have a ready-made modern and digital solution for your APM management. 100% web-based. Leverage the innovative, cutting-edge technology, ready-made; it is just one call away to become your future home for applications portfolio management.