ALM – Application Lifecycle Management

Next-Insight support Applications Lifecycle Management (ALM) out-of-the box; this makes a rapid deployment to your organisation. Unlike the typical modelling tools, Next-Insight offers a ready-made metamodel that exists on day 1, and it allows updates and changes to the configuration purely on the web. It accelerates the onboarding of application responsibles to assist in information updates to lifecycle management, when applications are to be deployed and phased out. As one of the key EA Deliverables within application architecture and the enterprise architecture, the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process is important to manage a living knowledge base of current and future applications. It is a rapid outcome to leverage on the pre-configured industry-leading solution to applications lifecycle management. This is by far the most end-user centric solution with a modern web-enabled consolidation views, deployment views and to allow democratisation and updates from within all of your organisation.

With Next-Insight you can start with simple or low maturity, but you can quickly obtain value by the out-of-the-box solution that enables anyone to in your organisation to take benefit from the knowledge database and help your colleagues to located detailed information about application lifecycles. Next-Insight is your leading choice for a modern SaaS offering with low-code engine and always upgraded; it supports continuous change to always stay upgraded; thanks to modern low-code.

Typically, what happens over longer time is that older systems require more maintenance and more expensive development than newer technologies which are more standardised and offered from e.g. cloud-solutions out-of-the-box. So, the overall supervision to when newer stuff can replace older stuff is continuously relevant to modernise the applications portfolio.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the planned supervision of every application from first deployment to planned retirement. Sometimes people are confused with software development lifecycle (SDLC) or software asset management (SAM) lifecycle information. There are related disciplines based on the same approach about a timeline of phasing-in and phase-out stuff, but not really directly related to business applications. ALM is about business applications, the business-related solutions that enable business operations with overall solutions; a distribution that can easily be reported using business capability mapping (CBM).. ALM is typically an extension to the basic functionality of having an online register of all applications, the applications portfolio management (APM).

Phases of Application Lifecycle Management: This may differ in detail and can be configured in Next-Insight, but typically it relates to the following overall phases:

  • Design & Development, aka way-in
  • Production, aka in
  • Phase-out, aka way-out
  • Decommissioned, aka out

This phase is prior to Production. It is still part of the to-be picture and planned activities. People in the organisation will not benefit from the application yet, but in architecture and development a lot of talk takes place. Way-in can be structured in one, two or more phases, but for most end-users it is still unknown or just not in production yet.


Most applications are alive for many years, it can vary from a few to decades! Very often applications are more stable than organisations and people, and then still being maintained and developed while in production.


This phase marks a planned phase for shifting logic to other applications. Within IT a lot of development and advances make it relevant to innovate still more often as to keep the landscape efficient and modern; this equally involves a constant focus to use more modern applications that offer more out of the box, more cloud-ready and simply more for less. This eventually will leave to a way-out and way-in for other applications. Applications in phase-out are still alive, but planned for retirement, hence less investments will be taken, typically.


This phase marks the end of life for an application. Often it will be marked for archive if data needs to be accessible after life. Keeping track of decommissions versus new deployments every year is an important KPI, that needs to be supervised.

With Next-Insight you have the full process ready-made for onboarding, including the most relevant KPI’s to ensure a strong landscape is kept up to date. The APM process including ALM is heavy lift without tooling; we offer it for quick adoption with Next-Insight as a modern SaaS service.

There is no other tool that offers such a modern web solution out-of-the-box for immediate consumption and adoption to manage all of your application’s deployment lifecycles. With Next-Insight, you can get far for less. Next-Insight offers modern web-based approach to delegate and manage all of your application lifecycles. Applications can be mapped to teams, people and organisation, and equally to all of your business architecture. There is not need to manage your applications catalogue in legacy tools; with a modern web application you can get further for less. This is where Next-Insight can make the difference. Both application lifecycles, rationalisation views, cost-burn-out views exist out of the box. Ready for immediate results. The Next-Insight is composed on modern design. The Next-Insight ensures a rapid response to strong data governance and democratisation.

With Next-Insight you will have a ready-made modern and digital solution for your ALM. 100% web-based. Leverage the innovative, cutting-edge technology, ready-made; it is just one call away to become your future home for applications lifecycle management.