CBM – Business Capability Modelling

Next-Insight support Business Capabilities Modelling (CBM) out-of-the box; this makes a rapid deployment to your organisation. Unlike the typical modelling tools, Next-Insight offers a ready-made metamodel that exists on day 1, and it allows updates and changes to the configuration purely on the web. It accelerates the onboarding of how to establish a capability map or how to model all of your business capabilities. As one of the key EA Deliverables within business architecture and enterprise architecture, the Business Capability Modelling (CBM) is important to manage a living knowledge base of current and future capabilities; what does the the organisation do overall.

To establish a business capability map with overlays of statistics is a pre-configured and industry-leading solution to provide the capability overview. This is by far the most end-user centric solution with a modern web-enabled capability maps to allow fact-based alignment decision from  updates from within all of your organisation.

With Next-Insight you can start with simple or low maturity, but you can quickly obtain value by the out-of-the-box solution that enables anyone to in your organisation to take benefit from the knowledge database and help your colleagues to locate detailed information about the aggregation to the capabilities to benefit from the comprehensive information that is provided by the planning rosetta stone. Next-Insight is your leading choice for a modern SaaS offering with low-code engine and always upgraded; it supports continuous change to always stay upgraded; thanks to modern low-code.

Business Capabilities serve as the foundational elements encapsulating the logical functions of what a business does, guiding its present and future activities. These capabilities are intricately structured as a hierarchy, ensuring mutual exclusivity — each function is unique within the system. This hierarchical structure, when well-defined, offers a clear overview of “where in the business” activities are transpiring.

Why Do We Need Business Capabilities? Business Capabilities, collectively exhaustive, cover the entirety of a business, providing a holistic lens through which to understand and analyze organizational functions. This comprehensive view facilitates comparisons, such as identifying overlaps between applications, and aids in streamlining redundant functionalities. Aligning your application portfolio with business capabilities ensures that your technological landscape is tailored precisely to your operational needs.

The depth of capability mapping significantly influences its utility. Capabilities presented in two levels offer an overall understanding of functions, suitable for capability maps and grouping applications. On the other hand, when capabilities are broken down to level 4 or level 5, they represent smaller functions, offering logical realizations of value stream stages. Each stage corresponds to supporting a value stream, providing nuanced insights for more detailed use-cases.

Particularly Useful for Application Rationalization

Business capability mapping emerges as the cornerstone in the application rationalization process. It serves as the initial step in understanding and modelling the capabilities essential for a business to thrive. By aligning applications with these capabilities, organizations can ensure that their technology portfolio is efficiently structured to meet operational needs. The mapping process identifies redundancies, highlights gaps, and forms the basis for strategic decisions regarding application retirement, investment, and optimization.

In essence, with Next-Insight you get an out-of-the-box solution to business capabilities, capability maps and the intersection to nearby disciplines such as value stream mapping, business processes and applications portfolio management.

There is no other tool that offers such a comprehensive web solution out-of-the-box for immediate consumption and adoption. With Next-Insight, you can far for less.

Next-Insight offers strategic views to a comprehensive understanding of organizational functions, business capabilities and application management and rationalization. 

Business capability mapping is just the first step in application rationalisation. Once governance and business capabilities are aligned, a natural step to provide APM, as an applications portfolio management. This is where Next-Insight can make the difference. Both CBM and APM exist out of the box. Ready for immediate results. The Next-Insight is composed on modern design. The Next-Insight ensures a rapid response to strong data to manage your portfolio of capabilities and use it for practical take-out of applications. Leveraging the leading choice of Next-Insight offers you day-to-day transparency and governance with quick-wins in terms of rationalising your applications portfolio.

There is no other tool that offers such a modern web solution out-of-the-box for immediate consumption and adoption to manage all of your business capabilities and capability mapping. With Next-Insight, you can get far for less. Next-Insight offers modern web-based approach to delegate and manage all of your business architecture and business capabilities. Applications and business processes are easily mapped to your business capabilities. Why invest time in modelling and drawing what can be mapped directly on the web? There is not need to manage your business capabilities catalogue in legacy tools; with a modern web application you can get further for less. This is where Next-Insight can make the difference. Both CBM and APM exist out of the box. Ready for immediate results. The Next-Insight is composed on modern design. The Next-Insight ensures a rapid response to strong data governance and democratisation.

With Next-Insight you will have a ready-made modern and digital solution for your APM management. 100% web-based. Leverage the innovative, cutting-edge technology, ready-made; it is just one call away to become your future home for applications portfolio management.